Mattabasset Community


When is trash pick up?

Trash and recycling services are currently provided by All Waste, Inc.  Curbside TRASH pick-up is weekly on Wednesdays with RECYCLING pick-up included every other Wednesday.

PLEASE NOTE that holidays and/or weather events can, on some occasions, cause delays in service and you should contact All Waste Inc. directly at 1-800-443-3867 with questions or view their posted service calendar.    

What can I recycle?

According to the All Waste, Inc. website, curbside recycling pickup is single stream recycling and can include various metals, paper/cardboard, glass and plastics.

For a complete list of what can and cannot be included in your recycling curbside pickup, please visit the All Waste website and their Single Stream Recycling brochure.

Who should I contact regarding preparation of release documents and/or mortgage questionnaires?

For questions regarding mortgage questionnaires and preparation of release documents, please call Brian at Quality Reality, 203-949-1904.