Mattabasset Community

Resources for Residents & Owners

Mattabasset offers a unique planned development living experience for its residents. The Mattabasset Owners Association (MOA) has compiled a variety of resources for the benefit of residents including:

If at any time you are unable to find information on this website that you think would be valuable to share with all residents, please contact us.

New Residents

If you are new to Mattabasset, WELCOME! Some individual condominium boards may send out a welcome packet, but it is recommended that you review our website to get acclimated with Mattabasset and all that it has to offer. This website also includes some great information on resources in the surrounding Meriden community. If at any time you have questions that are not answered on the site, please contact us


At times, the MOA and/or individual condominium boards may communicate information in the form of mailings distributed to each unit's mailbox. If you find this information is more applicable to the owner versus renter, we ask that you pass along the information. Most information that pertains to you as a renter can be found on this website.