Mattabasset Community

You Can Get Involved

Mattabasset is governed by a Corporation made up of owner volunteers.  Owners have many opportunities to get involved in the community including:

  • Serve on the Mattabasset Owners Association
  • Serve on an individual Condominium Board (I, II or III)
  • Serve on various committees of the MOA including the LARC Committee and Pool Committee

Do you have a special talent?

If you can not serve in any of the capacities listed above, you can still help out.  If you have a talent, trade or professional background and are willing to lend a hand, Mattabasset could benefit from your expertise.  This could mean anything from volunteering to do the work, to offering advise, reviewing bids received, and serving as a volunteer consultant.

Please complete the contact form to have a member of the MOA Board contact you to discuss further.