Mattabasset Community

Winter Snow Removal Update

The MOA Board is pleased to announce a new landscape and snow removal contract with Stevens Construction which began November 1, 2020.   


Owners and Tenants are responsible to move vehicles in a timely manner. Not moving your vehicles may result in being plowed in. If Stevens Construction has to make repeated trips to clear parking areas and driveways, an added charge may result and this charge will be passed on to the Unit Owner. It is the responsibility of Unit Owners to inform their tenants, visitors, and licensees.

The order of snow removal is as follows:

  1. Road Ways – please be sure your vehicles are NOT parked on the streets
  2. Parking Areas – this will be done at the end of the storm  
  3. Driveways (this applies to Condos 1, 2 & 3. Detached Owners are responsible for their own driveways)

The MOA Board advises all to always use good common sense, but especially during storms.