Mattabasset Community

Condo I Summer Newsletter

The Condo I Board wishes to welcome our new neighbors and tenants. We hope you have introduced yourselves to your neighbors. 

At this time, the Condo I Board feels it is necessary to repeat key points to keep our community safe and remind everyone to respect neighbors, as we live in close proximity. While most of this community abides by the rules and regulations set, we feel that it is important to reiterate some of the association rules.

  • Walking:  As you stroll through our park-like setting, please remember drivers will not see you in dark clothes. Stay safe by wearing light colors or reflective clothing and carry a flashlight.
  • Bird Feeders: There are no bird feeders allowed on condo exteriors. A bear, bobcat and wild turkeys have been sited near buildings 3 and 4. Bird feeders attract unwanted animals which may cause harm and be a nuisance. 
  • Decks: Unified rules and regulations, section B #3 states "nor shall anything be hung from the windows, terraces, balconies, patios, or placed upon window sills." This means no towels, blankets or rugs should hang over the deck railings. 
  • On Street Parking:  Unified rules and regulations, section E #3 states "no motor vehicle shall be parked on or in any street in Mattabasset at any time." This applies to the entire complex, but Condo I only specifically governs Condo I areas.
  • Trucks:  All trucks must be garaged. See unified rules & regulations section E #4.
  • Common Courtyard:  This area is reserved for the quiet enjoyment of all residents. This area is NOT a recreation area. No ball playing, frisbee, golf, kiddie pools, etc. are allowed. This area is also not for pets. 
  • Designated Play Areas:  Designated play areas include the grassy area by the pool, the grassy area by the swing set / picnic area; and the hard top and grassy area at the basketball court.
  • Window Air Conditioners:  Please remember that window air conditioners are NOT allowed in Condos I, II or III. Alternatives for cooling upper levels are self standing AC units or fans.

As always, the Condo I Board thanks you for your cooperation and attention to the items listed. Let's work together. The board meets the third Wednesday of each month at 5:45 at the pool office and is always willing to listen. Enjoy your summer!